Monday, January 21, 2013


Now that the home decorating is focused on the living room, I wanted to share some "before" photos to show how things are looking now and have something to compare the progress to. As shown below, the living room is connected to the dining room. It has a door that leads out to the back patio, two large windows and a fireplace. The room was already white when we moved in. It's also got a lot of wall space and great lighting. :)
Here are a few shots of its current state. Aside from the couch, everything currently in the room is a temporary place holder as I figure out how I want to decorate the space. You might also notice the bed sheets we hung in front of the window. ;) Jon and I started feeling like fish in a fishbowl at night so we decided to hang up some sheets for a little more privacy since I'm not sure on what curtains I want yet.

A Couple Things to Figure Out
* Not sure if I want to paint part of this room, wall paper, or leave it white?
* Since it doesn't look like we can hang the TV above the fireplace, I'm trying to figure out an attractive TV solution that is easily viewable from the couch and not awkward looking.
* The walls...there is a lot that can be done with these walls! Not quite sure the direction I want to go in yet. I need to start putting together an inspiration board asap!

Some of the things I love most about this space are the windows, beautiful door from the 70's, and the fireplace. I mentioned wanting to paint the fireplace white here, but I'm still trying to make a final decision on that. I am also a huge fan of our big caramel couch! I need to find other furniture pieces to compliment it and still make it flow well from the dining room space. There you have it! I'm looking forward to making progress in the living area. One step at a time!


  1. I actually love the way that the fireplace color ties into the couch! It's a tough call, white fireplaces are also beautiful.

  2. Don't paint the fireplace! Exposed brick in a stark white room is beautiful. And it will be terribly difficult to remove the paint if you ever decide you want to restore it. - Leah,

  3. If you paint the fireplace white then I would definitely paint the walls. I'm not a fan of white walls so I think you should paint. I also love the caramel of the couch with the fireplace. Hmm..I see lots of Pinterest searching in your future. Good luck! Either way I think when your done with it it'll look great!

  4. Why not float the sofa perpendicular to the fireplace and take advantage of the wall the tv is currently on? If the sofa is too large to float in the center, turn it so the left leg/arm is against the wall it is currently on. We living in an open floor plan home that only allows us one wall for the tv. We found that floating the sectional let us take advantage of our large windows and a nice space for our television. Maybe put the current console in the middle of the wall it is on and put the chair to the right of it in front of the window, then both seating options take full advantage of that beautiful fireplace. Can't wait to see the outcome!

    1. i think that is a good suggestion. you want to take advantage of those large walls for the TV. and that leaves a great space for chairs to create a seating area near the windows and fireplace. so excited to see how you will put it all together! your home decor skills are inspiring!

  5. I think you should consider an awesome mantel for the might end up tying everything together, if you don't decide to paint it. Love your couch too, looks so comfy!

  6. I agree with craftzilla! that couch is dynamite!!

  7. Looking forward to seeing it all unfold

  8. Your fireplace is beautiful just like that!

  9. I was showing my husband your blog and he said you could do something totally different with the fireplace such as floating it with cement and installing natural stone on it kind of like that river rock look. That type of stone is very natural and has lots of neutral color variations to it. Just a thought. Whatever you come up with will be beautiful. husband really likes your dining room!

  10. Anonymous22.1.13

    I love love love remodels and renovations, even if it is just in decor! Make sure to share the process and keep that green arm chair because its lovely.

    check us out? follow us back?

  11. Anonymous23.1.13

    I think that green vintage chair you have mixes nicely with your modern couch... maybe if you want to bring another color in you could have it reupholstered? Anyway, the 'bones' of this room are GREAT and I cannot wait to see your progress! I love this series, it is getting me so excited to decorate my own nest :)

  12. Anonymous28.1.13

    it be a sin to paint that fireplace

  13. Love this condo and it's floor plan! What area of Atlanta is this in? We are looking to move from our sad little apartment. And all this light is beyond attractive!