Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This month has been go-go-go, in a really good way! Jenny and I have been making a lot of exciting plans and meeting with a lot of amazing people. I can hardly wait to share some of our great news with you. :) February is going to be a BIG month for Maiedae.

This weekend, we are packing our bags and road tripping together to Greenville, SC, to attend The Makers Summit! The last time we went to Greenville, it was to sell our handmades at the Indie Craft Parade, before we officially closed up our handmade shop. We have a lot of good memories in Greenville and are stoked about our hotel and staying in the city. One of my favorite parts about Maiedae is having the opportunity to network and meet amazingly creative people. It's so inspiring!

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Showing Kaito some Valentine's Day candy. He just likes to sniff. :) 2// Daily commute to Atlanta; love when it's foggy. 3// Nap time. 4// Yummy pasta, spinach, cheese & crackers for dinner.

5 Favorite Posts:
* What Full House Taught Our Generation by The Daily Tay
* Limited Edition Poster by Oh My Deer
* Camera Gear List by A Beautiful Mess
* I Was Silent for 62 Hours, Here is What I Learned by MindBodyGreen
* Vine App by DesignLoveFest (what are your thoughts on this btw?)

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Independent Fashion Bloggers - I love how many resources for blogging and business this site has. It's so helpful and I've found myself referencing some of their posts many times. :) 

Inspiring Me this Week:
* Learning & growing as a business partner, entrepreneur & graphic designer. 

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I love Junior Mints.
* I'm not very good with plants.
* My least favorite chore is cleaning the kitty litter. Icky.

Hope you week has been wonderful!


  1. I used to hate cleaning out the litter box too until I toilet trained my cat. It's no joke! You totally can do it with a product called CitiKitty. Check it out!

  2. gorgey and cute pics <3 this favourite posts are great!


  3. Beautiful photos! Awesome picks.

    P.S. I hate cleaning out the litterbox too -- not fun.


  4. So honored to get a mention. Thank you!

  5. I kill every single plant I've ever owned, I actually feel guilty buying them now. Love those cat photos xo

  6. Love the links this week!

  7. Commute through Georgia Tech's campus! Woot!