Wednesday, January 23, 2013


1// Adobe Photoshop CS6 - I currently have CS5 and I've recently been working on the trial version of CS6 and I love it! I especially love that I can edit video on it and how much "sleeker" the user interface is. I'm a HUGE fan of photoshop. Love, love this program. 2// Giant Glitter Bobbi from - I'm always using plain bobbi pins in my hair, especially to pull back the sides. I would love something playful with a little pizazz. 3// Feeling Younger Tint by Lush - I sampled this in the store and thought it was so neat. I've been wanting a face highlighter for awhile now and love how this product by Lush goes on and looks. It's super subtle and can be used to highlight your eyes, brows, cheeks, and lips. 4// Stacked Heel Lace-Up Boots from Forever21 - I have a lot of flat shoes, and recently I have been wearing more and more wedges and stacked heels. Since I'm a 5'3" girl, I like a little height. Love these inexpensive boots for only $35!

What is on your January wishlist?


  1. Oooo I actually don't own photoshop so starting with the newest version would rock! I think I'm going to have that on my wishlist too! =)

    Those boots are adorable too!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Those boots are to die for!

  3. Those biots are so gorgeous! I also need to update my photo editing tools.

  4. Those boots* are so gorgeous! I also need to update my photo editing tools.

  5. Anonymous23.1.13

    I probably shouldn't admit here that I don't know how to nor have I ever used Photoshop, but I guess I just did. On the upside, I would know how to use those chic boots!


  6. Anonymous23.1.13

    I really like that glitter barrette. I have a hard time finding cute things for my hair since my hair is SO short. I'm currently growing out a pixie cut, which is really hard to grow out in a stylish way... Thanks so much for this tip.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. Anonymous23.1.13

    I have one thing on my wishlist - stay warm!

  8. I basically want ALL of that too. haha

  9. Anonymous24.1.13

    Hey! Love this post!

    On my wishlist I'd love a brown suede bag, and some black boots, and a Karen Millen bracelet :)

    I'm going to get Creative Cloud instead of buying CS6, you rent it each month and have access to all the software for £50 (if your not a student). So that sounds cool :) I'm studying advertising design and will need it.

    Emily xx

  10. I LOVE Photoshop, seriously love, however it's so expensive and I've noticed more digital artists who use PS for drawing/painting have been going towards SAI or OpenCanvas, I use OpenCanvas and it's my fav. I still would love PS one day, just because it's what I started on!

    I LOVE the bobbi!!! So fun!