Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Now that my dining room is complete, it's time to start making plans for the next room on my list. The living room! We already bought our couch a couple months ago, so now it's time to decorate the rest of the space. I've slowly been building an inspiration board, because initially I wasn't very inspired or had much of a direction. As I've been taking my time, more and more pieces are starting to come together and while my vision isn't completely clear, I feel like I have a good direction.

I wanted to start these living room posts with "before" photos of the current space, but I haven't been able to get home before nighttime to take pictures, so that post will be on hold until next week! For now, I want to begin the process of sharing thoughts for one of the main features in the space, the fireplace.

Jon and I were so excited that our new home had a wood burning fireplace. We've already put it to good use this season and I love how much "warmth" it adds to the space. It is definitely a focal point of the whole room so it's important that it stands out and is a statement visually. To get a little perspective, the living room flows directly into the dining room. While I want the styles to flow, I don't want it to be the exact same. How this will be executed?? I'm not quite sure at this point! BUT let's get back to the fireplace. I have a major dilemma, as you will see in pictures soon, it's currently a fairly simple brick fireplace. I'm not a huge fan of the brick coloring. It's a little too pinkish for my taste. SO, I've considered painting it. That may strike panic in some of your hearts, I know it certainly makes me nervous, but I feel like it would add so much to the room. Our couch is caramel leather and we will probably stick with more neutrals when it comes to the other furniture pieces so I don't want the room to feel too heavy or dark. To see what I mean, here are some of the inspiration pictures I keep looking at as I think, "to paint, or not to paint...?"

1// This is probable my favorite photo of the two. I think it's a more realistic example of my current fireplace, and since I would want to still use it, I like having the panel in front of it. I also love how they leaned one big piece of art on top of the fireplace and decorated around it. We have a lot of home related books that could use a good home. I also have a beautiful vintage mirror from Jon's grandmother that would look great as the focal point. I love how the white brightens up the space and how the other pieces make it feel warm.

2// I like this photo mainly for the intensely cool art collage above the fireplace and collection of items beside it. I don't think I'll go the collage route, because I already have a collage in the dining room and I'm not sure it would work quite right with the space...but I could consider a mixture between the two?

So now I just need to make up my mind. Keep it brick OR paint it white?? If you have or know of a great "paint your fireplace white" tutorial, I would love to read it!

Before pictures of the living room coming soon, promise!


  1. Paint it white!!
    Oh my gosh, I am IN LOVE with the second photo. Everyday I come home and say "time to snuggle up in front of the fireplace!" And really I am referring to the heating vent in our living room... I want our next home to have a fireplace Soooooooo badly!

    I'm excited to see how yours comes together. Go white!
    xo Moorea

  2. I like #1. The artwork seems more balanced and a bit more simple. As for painting the brick, it's so hard to say. I'm having the same dilema at my house. I love the look of the painted brick, but I'm afraid in a few years it will look dated and I'll regret it. Ugh... such big decisions. Sorry I'm not more help. I know whatever you decide will be beautiful.

  3. I love both ideas. I would personally try the second photo design, but knowing me it wouldn't end up as that lovely chaos. My luck it'd just be a mess. haha I'm sure yours will turn out great either way!


  4. If you decide to paint, check out the "painting brick" tutorial on Young House Love. Good luck and have fun with the room!

  5. i second the brick painting tutorial on young house love!

    personally, i'd go for painting - but i'm a sucker for a white fireplace! whatever you choose, it's bound to be beautiful!


  6. Paint it, if the brick is not beautifully aged or something special, then go for it! I don't think you would be sorry!

  7. paint it! I love white fireplaces <3

  8. Paint it!! I had the same dilemma at our house and agonized over the decision. Then we went for it and painted the brick white and I never looked back! I LOVE it...Do it!!

  9. hmmm... brick! ...or whatever you like better haha


  10. Our fireplace has a long mantel, the length of the wall with built-in shelves on each side. So, we have lots of room to work with. Right now, it's pretty cluttered with crystals and knick-knacks. Examples:

    When I finish our bedroom, I'll start focusing on the other rooms more. You taught me that I should focus on one room at a time, otherwise it gets confusing. :) Thank you! Please follow my blog, it would be an honor. :)

  11. We set out to paint it a charcoal grey, we bought the color and when we put it on and did a few coats it turned a purple-y color. It's a dark lavender now. I thought it was just the lighting in our room but now, all I see is purple. We've accepted it. I'll take photos and have you gals be the judge of it. ha!

  12. I love white painted brick. Like, love it. I would definitely say go for it!

  13. I like both natural and white brick! Can't help there. :)

  14. Anonymous10.1.13

    if your dining room is any indication of how your living room is going to turn out, then it's going to be a smash hit!

  15. Go white! It lightens up any space, check out young house love, and what their living room and sunroom look like, the paints works! What ever you chose will look awesome!

  16. Hi, I'm new to following your blog and I think you have great taste! What is the ceiling texture in the dining room? It looks so original and pretty. I'm liking the idea of painting your fireplace. Janice