Saturday, January 19, 2013


Lately I've gotten the opportunity to do a lot of traveling and still have a couple trips coming up before mid-February! While I get to travel some for my day job, I LOVE when I get the chance to do a little adventuring for Maiedae. Last weekend, Jenny and I went to California and coming up soon we will be road tripping to Greenville, SC, to attend The Makers Summit. :) One of the things I try to do before leaving home is clean out my travel bag and pack it with all of my travel "must-haves" so I'm fully prepared for my adventure. ;)

1// Colorful Pens - Flights are usually my greatest brainstorming time. I love having a huge stock of my favorite pens on me during travel so I can take time to record ideas, make plans, and develop new projects.

2// Warby Parker Sunglasses - Sometimes traveling means long hours and early mornings. I love being able to put together a "chic" look with sunglasses and be prepared for the sunniest of days. :)

3// Baby Lips - My mom got me the peach flavored Baby Lips for Christmas. Sometimes wearing lipstick too much can make my lips feel chapped. I love this smooth balm and delicious smell. It also has just a little shimmer which is perfect for an early morning on-the-go look.

4// Wacom Tablet - For on the road design projects.

5// Utterly Smooth Hand Lotion - My skin tends to get dry during travel. I love this lotion because its scent is very slight and it moisturizes so well! Since it has such a faint smell, it doesn't bother others sitting around you, which is always a plus.

6// Business Card Holder - I try to network wherever I go, making sure to have a stack of business cards is a must.

7// Hair Ties - I love these simple and pretty hair ties that add a little shine to my curly bun.

8// Kelly Moore Bag - I LOVE this bag. I've had it for a little over a year now and I use it nearly everyday. It's perfect for travel and as a daily work bag. I can fit my computer, camera, wallet, charger and lots of little things in this bag. It's durable and well organized on the inside.

9// iPhone & Recover Case - When it's not as convenient to snap pictures with my SLR, I love being able to have my phone and record memories along the way.

10// Moleskine - I never go anywhere without my journal. I keep all of my lists, ideas, projects, goals and plans in this book.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Those sunglasses are groovy & I love Baby Lips. Your blue Libby bag from Kelly Moore is the exact same one I want. It's still on my wish list. *sigh*

    Great post!

  2. I need to try that Baby Lips. I'm a chapstick addict and I haven't tried that brand before. Looks wonderful!

  3. I love those Baby Lips! My fave.
    And I just got my husband a Wacom tablet for his birthday - he loves it! Such a fun little device to play around with ;)

  4. I love the baby lips! The cherry one is just enough color. My sister is addicted to those hair ties too.

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  6. Anonymous22.1.13

    Good list. Love those Warby Parker's.

    Kate from Clear the Way