Friday, January 25, 2013


I always viewed myself as "weak". I was usually the shortest or the smallest. Loved ones, although they were only trying to be helpful, would often grab boxes from my arms, grab the extra grocery bags from the trunk, or do all the furniture moving. ;) I came to a point where I accepted it. I wasn't as strong, I was small, and it was probably better if someone else did the heavy lifting for me. I liked the feeling of being taken care of, so I came to a place where I didn't mind one bit. I also didn't understand what this thinking was really doing to my mindset.

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Fast forward to April 2012, the month I started making big changes in my life. That was the month I decided to put goodness into myself through what I ate and the month I decided to grow in strength. I didn't quite suspect that my journey to becoming a wellness warrior would have more than just physical effects or that it would completely change the way I thought about myself.

It started with confidence. I've always been a confident person. I believe in myself. I like who I am, quirks and all, but I didn't realize that loving my body and taking care of myself would make me feel a new sense of confidence. It made me feel proud of my body and the care and effort I was putting into it. It made me feel happier, (go endorphins, go!) and that confidence and happiness slowly turned into making me feel strong. This feeling of strength wasn't just physical either. I began to start thinking of myself as a strong woman. The care and time I was spending on me, somehow made me realize that I AM strong. Viewing myself as weak and letting someone else move the furniture across the room was only indirectly telling myself that I WAS weak and incapable of being strong or feeling strong mentally.

I've come to a point where I truly believe there is some type of connection between physical and mental strength. I love having a renewed image of myself and having confidence in my strength. Sure I might not be able to realistically pick up a vintage cabinet on my own...nor should I...but the difference is that I don't have to view myself as weak or "accept" weakness as part of my identity.

I believe this thinking has been the greatest mind-shift in my life since April. It's amazing how powerful thoughts can be and how it can hold you back and create an untrue belief of who you are. Whether you are on a journey to wellness or not, I encourage you to stop and think about how you view your strength. Do you view yourself as physically and mentally weak? Maybe it's time to prove yourself wrong.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Gandhi


  1. I love this. I never really think of myself as a weak person, but physically I am. I used to be the strongest and the tallest (and the widest) but then I lost weight and started playing sports and I was thin and still the tallest and could beat everyone in arm wrestling etc. In the last year, I've stopped growing and got more slender and lost all muscle mass I'm sure. everyone is way taller then me and stronger too. I get hurt a lot easier too. When people slap me on the back I about get knocked over (depending on who it is) AND the most embarassing thing is, my younger sister (she's seven) could easily tackle me with just leaning against me. so this year i'm defintiely working on getting strong again. thanks for sharing! xx

  2. This is a very moving and inspiring post...finding the ability to create positive change in one's mental outlook is a huge challenge and a great achievement
    Cheers to finding the strength!

  3. That's a wonderful post! And I hadn't really given it much thought, but I think I started feeling less "helpless" too ever since I started working on some muscle.

    I think you might have inspired me to do a nice workout today;)

  4. oh you're so right. this is a great post. I had the same feeling on everyday of my life ..but since I work out and do something for my self..I feel so much better with myself. I live this new confidence.

  5. This is beautiful, Savannah. I too, have had to realize strength is something not just gained physically, but a mental state- and it is SO empowering. I actually have the word "Strength" tattooed on my ribs- as close as I could get to my heart. xo.

  6. This is such a great post! This really changed my view of my own strength, mental and physical.


  7. Anonymous26.1.13

    Such a beautiful post and just what I needed to hear!

  8. Anonymous26.1.13

    Mind, body, and spirit are all connected. The more you walk (or run) toward whole-living, the more you will understand that. I'm proud of you and so glad you are having healthy thoughts. Keep going strong, and just get stronger and stronger and stronger.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  9. Everyone always thought (and thinks) I'm physically weak because I have a small build. I used to rely on others to take care of me, too, but eventually it started to bother me. When I worked as a picture framer, I always did my part, lifting heavy frames and assisting others in carrying heavy objects. I feel like I have to prove to myself and others that I can do it. It made me feel good to see some muscle definition after working there for a few months. - Leah,

  10. I believe I am extremely strong mentally, even despite OCD and depression and while I do believe I am strong willed (survived being thrown from a horse, a bull, got hit by a car, etc.) I often fear getting thinner, as if I'll break. Now, let me just say some of the strongest women I've known have been super thin - my mom was one of them. She was about 100lbs naturally, and had a hard time putting on weight. She was STRONG. I have never been a very thin girl, and I have this really warped fear that the thinner I will become, the easier I will end up in pain from sleeping weird, or falling, etc. I know, this doesn't make a lick of sense!!! But it's kind of put a block in my get healthy, lose weight goal. It's something I am totally working on overcoming!!!

  11. Anonymous28.1.13

    thank you for this deep and encouraging post! that was very STRONG of you to share!