Friday, January 18, 2013


Jenny and I got the opportunity to attend Blogshop Video during our trip to California last weekend. We spent the entire day Monday learning how to shoot and edit video with the lovely Blogshop ladies; Bri and Angela. Incorporating video into our business and blogs was a huge goal for us this year and this was one of the first steps towards making that a reality.

I took a narrative video production class in college and even tried my hand at final cut pro, but I never really got into the video making mindset. To me, it always seemed like a huge production, with tons of planning time, storyboarding and editing in order to produce something remotely of any good quality. After not continuing my learning of video production I slowly lost the skill and didn't know where to even begin once Jenny and I started discussing the potential of incorporating video into our blogs. We even spent a whole Saturday recording on my Macbook to try and put something together, but the quality was poor and we just weren't happy with the final result.

In comes Blogshop Video. If you are addicted to Photoshop like I am, you might be aware that the new Photoshop CS6 includes video editing capabilities. WHAT?! I was so excited too! I usually spend up to 25 hours or more every week in Photoshop with design work so I'm very familiar with the program and how to make it do what I want. When I found out I could apply that knowledge to editing videos I was SOLD. The workshop was about eight hours long, it included tips and tricks on editing video in Photoshop, examples of beautifully shot videos around the web, helpful exercises along the way, tips on lighting and shooting footage and time to shoot our own mini videos with a full table of props and a beautiful location. It was such an exciting class, I found myself grabbing Jenny a couple times and shaking her with excitement or giving her that "I have a great idea" look. ;)

We both left feeling completely empowered to shot and edit videos in Photoshop. We are so excited about turning some of our visions and ideas for 2013 into a tangible reality. I LOVED taking this class, and would very highly reccomend it to anyone interested in video.

We ended up having a little bit of a camera issues with our SLR so we hurried and shot about 10 minutes worth of footage in order to put something together for our class project. Below is the video Jenny put together. I love how she combined the fun music and footage!

I can't wait to start putting more videos together! I love how something as simple as a 1 minute video can say so much! Aside from producing videos to incorporated in my post series I'm planning on putting together more video "scrapbooks" to capture life and fun happenings.

I'm so glad I got to share my experience with you! Be sure to check out the Blogshop website to see dates and locations for their upcoming workshops! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thats adorable! I really love that little video and your outfits are fab too! I too would love to vlog / create videos for my blog but I'm a little scared! I like that the two of you are taking it on together! Makes it more fun!

  2. Anonymous18.1.13

    What a fantastic video - you two are adorable! And I do love the confetti. :)

  3. Such a cute little video, well done to Jenny for putting it together. Looks like you both had a lot of fun.