Thursday, January 17, 2013


Aside from blogging, Jenny and I are hugely passionate about graphic design! Maiedae is growing everyday into a thriving graphic design business and when we aren't taking pictures, blogging, or working at our day jobs, we are busy bees creating custom designs for our clients. This season has been busier than ever and we are so excited about how much our design business has grown. In early 2012, we launched that shares information about our services and packages. We've recently updated our portfolio with some of our new work and will be continuing to make updates as we complete projects for our clients.

We currently specialize in blog design for the Blogger platform, logo design, and business branding pieces. We mostly do design for the web, but recently have been working with clients who have print design needs. That said, we love taking on new challenges AND working within our specialties. This year we have a lot of exciting things lined up for our graphic design business, including expanding our blog design platforms to Wordpress and Typepad design!! We will be making the official announcement soon, so be sure to check in!

If you would like Maiedae to create custom design work for you, please contact our lovely admin Leah,, for more information! Also, be sure to check out our website for samples of our work and outlines of some of our packages. :)

Let's work together!

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