Wednesday, January 02, 2013


I love that goals are our own. We can make them as simple or as complicated as we want AND we can evolve them as we grow and change. In the past, I've put together lists that were very long in length for the year, and while I seemed to accomplish most of the things on that list, I found that many of the things I wanted to do ended up being something I was no longer interested in due to other hobbies or time spent focused elsewhere. This year, I decided to be a little more simple and general with my goals.

01 // Photography - Ever since I took a photography course during college I have grown to love it more and more. I would love to continue learning how to take great pictures and really challenge myself this year. I am planning a "52 Weeks" project for my photography work that I'll be sharing on the blog. I'm also planning on taking on a small artistic portrait project and object project to improve my lighting and composition skills. I've decided to take Arrow & Apples lighting e-course to help me out. With some of my new equipment in hand and a little direction, I'm ready to go! You'll be able to follow along with my photo journaling by checking in on my "Captured" post series.

02 //  Decorating - Finishing the dining room decorating was such an exciting feat for 2012. I have so many great ideas for some of the spaces in our home and I'm going to continue working on one room at a time. This year I would like to finish the living room, master bedroom and studio space. *Maybe* I'll be able to finished a couple more of the smaller spaces along the way! ;) You can follow along with my decorating via my "Project Condo" series throughout the year.

03 // Kitchen - I love the idea of being a good in the kitchen. I have so many beautiful cookbooks around the house, I would love to dive in and experiment in the kitchen this year. I made my first batch of french macarons last year, and I'm planning to work on perfecting the art. I would also love to build a menu plan for dinners and try out new recipes on a monthly basis.

04 // Living Well - I started my wellness journey back in April and so much of my mindset has changed towards caring for my body. I want to continue challenging myself to eat healthy and try out more and more healthy foods. I want to continue exercising on a regular basis and maybe challenge myself to run a 5k. I also want to take more "love myself" time by having more quiet time, taking baths, doing yoga and little things for myself. Check out my "Living Well" series to follow some of my learnings and challenges.

05 // Learning - This year I want to really learn how to efficiently use my Wacom tablet, I want to learn how to shoot and edit great looking videos for my blog and read at least 6 developmental books/e-courses.

06 // Family - Jon and I have a lot of fun goals for 2013 evolving around each other and our family & friends. This will be a huge focus for us this year. I'm so blessed by my husband and our community.

As well, Jenny and I have some VERY exciting things planned for Maiedae this year. This year is going to be a big year for us, we spent most of 2012 working on "refining" Maiedae and this year will bring a lot of new adventures and business decisions. Can't wait to reveal those to you throughout the year!

What are some of your goals for 2013??


  1. Great goals! Looking forward to 2013.

  2. Lovely goals i can't wait to see your bew projects, wish you the best for this year lovely girl

  3. So many great goals, a few of them (getting good in the kitchen, living well) are on my list too, and I have a really good feeling about 2013, I think it's going to be a good one! :) Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds wonderful!


  5. Love reading through your goals and thoughts behind them. One of my goals is similar to yours, making more home-cooked meals and not letting us default to eating out. Your blog is so inspiring and visually beautiful; I always enjoy my time here. Happy New Year!
    Catherine Denton

  6. Happy 2013! Sounds like you've got some wonderful goals.
    I'm also wanting to cook more/healthier. And read more books ;)

  7. Photography is so much fun! College is what inspired me to pursue it as well, well.. that and my family's support :)

    1. what kind of "new equipment" did you get? for photography

  8. Love all your resolutions for 2013!
    Bye the way I`m doing a similar photo project on my blog: